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Employees are a Potential Weak Link for IoT Security

When security breaches make the headlines, they usually concern malicious hackers or cyber criminals targeting critical data. The reality is, human error is a major factor in security and data breaches. No matter the size or scope of a breach, it is usually linked to an action or failure of someone within the company.  …

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i3forum Selects Ilex Content Strategies to Deliver Global Content Marketing and Communications

The global telecoms industry body has chosen Ilex to support its next phase of growth as it expands its scope to address IoT, NFV, UC, Fraud and other technologies and challenges   LONDON, UK – 13 September 2017 – Ilex Content Strategies, a global content marketing and communications agency, has been selected by i3forum, a…

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Make email campaigns work for your B2B organisation with 5 simple steps

As consumers, we receive a lot of emails every day, many of which we often disregard. If done correctly, newsletters offer an effective way to get your message across and encourage a call to action (CTA) from readers, for both B2B and B2C organisations.   As a well-established medium, emailers provide a cost-effective, targeted and…

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Targeting a New Era of Digital Consumers

With every aspect of life integrated with digital devices, it is key for advertisers to understand how audiences consume media through different channels. It is not enough for them to just know who the target audience are. Advertising has undergone a huge change and traditional working practices have been transformed. It can no longer be…

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Breaching the Security of Connected Devices – In the News

More and more devices are being connected to the internet every single day. But with these devices, security is often an afterthought and the outcome of these insecure devices can be very costly for companies and customers alike.   We are seeing an increasing number of IoT devices that are being exposed to vulnerabilities as insufficiently secure devices…

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