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Creating Content in Emerging Markets

The opportunity for content marketing in emerging market is as much about efficiency and legitimacy as it is about engagement.   In developed markets like the US there is a focus on content marketing influencing consumers to interact with the brand to shape perception. In emerging markets first-time purchasing makes the brand experience and setting…

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The B2B Content Checklist

Our B2B clients biggest concern when creating content is that what they produce will not grab their audience’s attention. When content is created for content’s sake or to simply demonstrate activity the audience or the strategic value often isn’t in the equation.   We created a simple checklist for our B2B clients to review before…

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Making Marketing Work for Sales Teams

In the economic climate the key thing for any business is its bottom line. Sales become increasingly important when there is less money to go around. As well as a great product you also need a crack sales team if you are going to survive. But even then, the sales team will only be as…

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