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Ilex in 2019: Expertise, Experience and Execution

Ilex is growing. Now in our seventh year of operations, we are expanding capabilities to support our clients in new ways.    Over the last 12 months, we’ve broadened the services we deliver as well as the types of companies we serve. We have covered everything from rebranding established companies, launching start-ups and setting the…

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Content Needs to Be Part of Your Internal Comms

Most content marketing strategies almost only focus on external communications. Yet, it can be just as efficient and effective to communicate internally.   Organisations that are taking pioneering steps within their business often want to communicate their innovation outwardly to the audience. In doing so, they may overlook the potential of internal communications as part…

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What Impact Does the Way You Process Data Have on Your Sales and Marketing Materials?

Scientists have discovered that when we consume large quantities of data our brain creates shortcuts to fine pick the most important information. In most cases it will typically focus on 3-4 key pieces and these are what will unconsciously drive our decision making.   This is great for us as consumers because it saves us…

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What Businesses Can Learn from Netflix’s Content Strategy

At Mobile World Congress last week Netflix CEO and co-founder Reed Hastings discussed the company’s vision and strategy for content in 2017. He explained that while accommodating to things like viewing experience is important, it is the creation of meaningful content that will bring businesses to the next level.   Whether we are talking about…

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Ilex Content Strategies in 2017

Ilex Content Strategies is celebrating its fifth year serving global tech and telecoms companies.   To kick off 2017, we have moved to a new and larger office. Lucia and I decided that the time was right to get a bigger space to give us a room to grow. We’ve been steadily adding to our…

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