3 Tips for Getting Started on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a Social Media platform specifically designed for professionals to connect and discuss all things business. For those within B2B sectors it holds a world of opportunities, the main one being driving growth and profitability through professional networking.


However, it is a common misconception amongst businesses that it is enough for only employees to have a strong presence on LinkedIn. This is not the case. According to IDC, 50% of B2B buyers use LinkedIn as a source for making purchase decisions. This means that it is especially important that companies have strong individual employee LinkedIn pages accompanied by one for its brand.


Here are three starting points for developing a LinkedIn Page for your business:


  1. Awareness – You should be driving traffic to your company LinkedIn page throughout your day-to-day communications. By promoting your LinkedIn presence, you make it quick and easy for people to follow and engage with your content.To increase awareness of your LinkedIn page you can: 


    – Add a badge or widget hyperlinked to your LinkedIn page on the company website


    – Add your company’s LinkedIn details to staff business cards


    – Add a hyperlink to your LinkedIn page on employee email signatures


  1. Content – While driving traffic to your LinkedIn page you must ensure that well planned and engaging content is being posted. Try and post varied pieces of content weekly in order to capture a range of audiences, for example: 


    – Thought leadership Blog Posts


    – Comments on industry news


    – Information about company activities, achievements, events etc.


  1. Sponsored Content – If you want to generate faster leads then you can look at the potential for investing in sponsored LinkedIn posts. Make sure that you establish clear objectives for your content, this makes measuring for success later on simple. LinkedIn offer a variety of sponsorship options:  


    – Direct sponsored content


    – Sponsored updates


    – Text ads


LinkedIn is a great platform to network with industry professionals and drive business growth.


At Ilex we create integrated content marketing Social Media campaigns for tech and telecoms companies. With the right combinations of content, we ensure success throughout multiple touch points. To find out more about what we can do for you, please contact matthew (AT) ilexcontent.com.




Posted on 7th October 2016 in B2B Content Marketing

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