5 Reasons Why You Should Amplify Your Content

Content marketing is a fundamental strategy for tech and telecoms businesses wishing to retain and expand on their current customer bases. However, creating this content alone is not enough, its potential needs to be maximised and capitalised on. The fastest and most effective way of doing this is by amplifying your content via the relevant marketing channels that reach your target audience.

We see five reasons why every B2B tech and telecoms company should amplify its content:


  1. Cost Efficiency – Amplifying your content can be an extremely cost efficient way to reach a larger pool of potential customers. The right selection of amplification channels, tailored specifically to your different audiences, can cost little to no money at all and can reap large rewards.


  1. Communication – Content amplification across a variety of channels enables companies to have direct communication with target customers. Building a reputable presence where your customers are able to consume content is important. It can create new business leads and enable effective customer relationship management.


  1. Consistency – Regular messages that are consistent across all channels with a variety of content enables you to effectively reinforce your brand values. Research has shown people need to see something 4-5 times before it is considered reliable. With a strong brand visible on multiple platforms, you can build yourself a position within the market that customers want to engage with and be a part of.


  1. Long Sales Cycle – B2B businesses, especially within tech and telecoms often experience long sales cycles. It is important that during this time companies are staying at the forefront of prospects minds. Amplifying regular content can help retain this momentum.


  1. Long – Term Relationships – Amplifying meaningful content on the relevant platforms can encourage your audience to come back for more. Revisiting for further consumption can build long-term relationships sustainable for current and future business.


Content amplification in many ways is a quick and inexpensive strategy to build momentum behind your business.

At Ilex we are experienced in identifying the right mix of content and amplification channels that are tailored to your unique propositions and needs. To find out more about our approach to content amplification please contact matthew (at) ilexcontent.com.


Posted on 30th September 2016 in Content Amplification

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