5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Company Blog

With the rise in the digital economy it is becoming increasingly important for companies to create a digital footprint. Tech and telco companies especially, are expected to have a large presence online due to the largely technical aspect of their industry.


Blogging is an easy and cost-efficient way to build multiple touch points with your customers online. Here you can discuss topics circling your industry, share tips and tricks with others and even tell your brand’s story. Having a regularly updated company blog can be the digital key to building your customer base and even help in boosting your bottom line.


We believe that there are 5 core reasons why every company should be blogging:


  1. Thought Leadership Giving your company a voice is key to building a successful brand. You should have a clear and consistent opinion around relevant topics affecting your industry and should share these accordingly. A company blog is a great tactic that enables you to do exactly that. 


    Developing different blogs can be a way to position your company as a thought leader within your relevant industry. With this you will gain a loyal audience that regularly visits your website and actively searches for your company’s content.


  1. Assuring Prospective Customers A regularly updated blog with insightful content can help build trust with your customers. Your blog should be a reliable source of information that your audience can use to gain accurate and up to date knowledge about the industry as well as valuable information about your company. Demonstrating your thoughts can assure current and prospective customers that you know what you are talking about.


  1. Competitive Advantage By launching a company blog you are providing your customers with an extra touch point to interact and communicate with your brand. While many are quick to assume that Social Media platforms are the best digital tactic to reach prospective customers, a blog can actually extend your reach much further. It can give you that extra push you need to close a deal.


  1. Search-Engine Optimisation – In a world that is dominated by the internet, having a strong online presence can be critical to building your business. Blogs have been shown to be a great way to improve SEO and create business leads. Using key words and industry terms throughout your blog can help to improve your search-ability and boost website traffic, while building your customer base.


  1. Fun Most importantly, blogging can be fun. If your company is passionate about something or even has some big news to share, then a blog can be an exciting way to broadcast this to your customers.


Using blogging as a digital strategy can help your company to extend its customer reach and build its brand. They can serve as a critical link between your business and its customers, acting as a neutral and informative ground that you can meet and discuss your industry.


At Ilex Content Strategies we use compelling content to give tech and telecoms businesses the multiple touch points they need to reach their audiences and get results. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you build your online presence, please contact info (@) ilexcontent.com.


Posted on 3rd March 2017 in Content Amplification

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