5 Tips for Writing Winning Tech Awards Entries

It’s award season in the tech and telecoms industry, meaning that it’s time to put forward your business’s achievements for recognition. Awards entries can be time intensive, especially for smaller businesses with limited resources, but the benefits of entering far outweigh the costs.


The challenge is to make sure that your entries truly convey your successes to a level that judges merit and will want to reward. While criteria and opinions vary across award bodies, there are a few universal points that should always be addressed when writing a winning awards entry.


  1. Remember Awards are all Year Round – Awards are only a reminder of your great work all year round, not just the immediate lead-up to the entry. You must demonstrate a full explanation of your best efforts that have happened throughout the entire business year.


  1. Write Headings – Headings within each of your answers clearly signpost your key points. They make the answers easy to scan for information, and for judges to award you points for a winning submission.


  1. Create a Story – Before writing the entry, create a story around why you deserve this award. Answer all questions framed around this to truly demonstrate your worthiness. Giving judges a story provides them with an easy justification for your winning.


  1. Short and Simple Sentences – Short and simple sentences, especially within the tech and telecoms industry are essential. Your products may be technical and complex, but will need a simple and clear explanation. Judges want to be able to understand your product or service to award you points, be sure to not overwhelm them.


  1. Use Hard Facts – Hard facts give the judges what they want; this is evidence to support your entry. Reinforce and confirm your story throughout the entire entry with hard facts that clearly illustrate and support your claims.


Tech and telecoms brands are increasingly asking us to help them write winning awards entries. We mine unique stories for judges about businesses achievements in a way that truly captures the audience and merits recognition.


Ilex has written hundreds of winning awards entries for tech and telecoms companies across the globe.


If you’d like to learn more about our approach to writing winning awards entries, please get in touch: matthew (AT) ilexcontent.com.



Posted on 31st August 2016 in Awards

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