5 Tips to Organically Grow Your Social Media Presence

For tech and telco businesses, organically growing your Social Media presence online can be critical in raising awareness of your brand and building relationships with potential customers.


Starting this process may seem daunting and complex, so we have created the following 5 tips to help you kick-start your organic growth Social Media strategy:


1. Be Present –

– Explore the platforms that your customers are active on and then create an account for your business


– Follow influencers in order to gain further perspective on the topics being discussed within the industry


– Provide links to your Social Media on all of your internal and external brand materials e.g. company website, email signatures and sales decks


2. Be Consistent –

– Ensure that all the content being pushed out onto Social Media platforms is consistent with your brand and its messaging. One brand should have one voice


– Create Social Media handles that are the same (if not similar), this will make it simple for customers to find and follow your business pages


3. Be Active –

– Analyse your followers using analytics tools in order to establish the segments your audience is composed of. This will help to better tailor your content


– Push out interactive content that speaks to your followers. Make sure that you are posting relevant things that people care about and will share


– Actively post on your platforms to keep yourself at the front of your followers’ mind. This can be made easy using scheduling applications like Hootsuite and Bitly. But make sure you get the balance right and don’t bombard your followers with too much content


4. Interact –

– Engage with your followers, reply to their comments and ask for their thoughts. Show that you value their opinion. This will make you seem more human


5. Promote –

– Use your Social Media to promote your business. It is great to have a strong following, but what does it all mean if your audience doesn’t actually know what your business is? Post content about your products, services and provide links to your website to raise awareness


Creating an organic growth strategy for your Social Media output is a great way to begin building your brand’s presence and voice online.


At Ilex, we create integrated content to help with differentiating Social Media campaigns. We use our industry expertise to consult with you on the best approach to growing your business on Social Media. To find out more about how we can help you, please contact matthew (AT) ilexcontent.com.




Posted on 17th November 2016 in B2B Content Marketing

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