Addressing Security in the Internet of Things (IoT)

“Securing the Internet of Things”, is a report by Scrutinise Research and Analysis, published jointly with Ilex Content Strategies. You can download the report in full below:


In a more connected world, an increasing number of devices are connecting to the internet and communicating with each other. With many devices offering little security, they are at risk of being vulnerable to IoT-related malware and cyber-attacks.


The ‘Securing the Internet of Things’ report, uses multiple in-depth interviews with leading manufacturers and industry organisations, to identify vulnerabilities and security threats currently facing the IoT landscape and the measures taken to mitigate the risk.


The research identifies the following four elements as being critical in preventing security breaches for IoT devices:

  1. Security is not an afterthought
  2. Education is key for consumers
  3. International IoT security standards need to be agreed
  4. Government should focus on regulations


One of the problems at present, is that many manufacturers are rushing IoT devices to the market with little thought to security. With potentially vulnerable devices, consumers can be open to cyber-attacks. From the outset, manufacturers should build security into their products with commercial incentives to ensure security in IoT is a reality.


Manufacturers and organisation should also take the lead in educating consumers. The severity and implications of such attacks can be limited by simply educating consumers about the potential threats and how they can use IoT products safely and securely.


With advancements and growth in IoT, guidelines and specifications are starting to emerge but industry associations and vendors need to agree an internationally acceptable IoT security standards and best practice. For IoT to be taken seriously, there needs to be cross-border standards and regulations that can be incorporated globally by organisations.


The government should be at the forefront of these regulations, providing support and enforcing penalties for non-compliance. As there are no specific IoT security standards, users are at risk. The government and regulators need to tackle these issues before public concerns for security hinders the sectors growth.


Despite the concerns, the increasing public awareness and scrutiny of cyber security is positive for the whole IoT sector. As the implementation of these measures and best practice to gather pace, it is likely to promote best practice, leading to even more secure IoT products and services.


As IoT continues to grow, the focus needs to be on ensuring the security and safety of these devices and the personal data of the users. Secure IoT practices will enable the sector to fully meet its potential and grow.


To find out more, download the full IoT report below:

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Posted on 12th May 2017 in Ilex Content Strategies

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