Arming Your Sales Team with Data-Driven Content

Data analysis is playing a greater role in B2B sales. Understanding who your audience is, when they are active and how they are reachable is the key to successfully communicating with them.


Data-driven content increases how a B2B organisation can gain new prospects. It is not just about collecting data from Social Media. While ‘clicks’ and ‘likes’ may help you to drive awareness to your online presence, this doesn’t necessarily translate into sales.


Quality content is increasingly important, and data is helping brands to truly create a personalised experience for customers by enabling them to better understand what audiences want. To maximise leads, an organisation’s sales team should work alongside the marketing team to gain a real insight into what works.


By working together, the sales team has the opportunity to more effectively tap into the right audience and drive their sales numbers. Arming your sales team with data-driven content can take their sales to the next level.


Here are some of the main benefits of data-driven content:


Drive Engagement


Targeted campaigns can boost audience engagement and expand the reach of your content. Data enables marketers to create specific customised content for the audience and provide a truly personalised experience. With data from your customers, sales managers can change their tactics and campaigns to fit their customer’s business needs.



Optimise the Customer Experience


Marketing automation platforms like HubSpot enable businesses to better understand their customer’s preferences and desires. They gain a clearer understanding of who their target audience is and can develop a portfolio that better suits their needs.


Automation platforms make it clear where there are bottlenecks in the company. You can refine your marketing process efficiently and optimise the customer journey. It’s an efficient way to improve your content and streamline the sales process.



Turn Leads into Customers


Building strong relationships with customers should be at the forefront for the sales team. With the right data, you can assess the value that a lead will bring to your business.


Gathering customer data enables you to understand their needs but also be armed with information that can add value and drive the sales process.


Google Analytics is a useful free tool to help you start to get to grips with your company website data. It enables users to track demographics, audience location and behaviour on your website so that you can inform your decisions and tailor your content accordingly. It enables you to see at-a-glance which materials work and which need refining.


For the marketing team, reaching the right audience is key. Data collection enables the them to customise their campaigns and along with the sales team, help convert leads into customers.



Target Future Campaigns


Collecting data in the lead up to a campaign launch ensures that it is targeted to the right audience, at the right time.


Data collection after the campaign is just as important as before. Analysing data after a campaign can be beneficial to see what worked and where you can improve for future campaigns.


At Ilex, we believe that working together across the sales process is really important. We partner with our clients to ensure the sales team have the right collateral. From branding to PR, we are able to deliver an entire ecosystem of content that directly supports sales.


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Posted on 27th July 2018 in B2B Content Marketing, Data-Driven Content

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