B2B Organisations Need Better Visual Brands

A visual brand is a foundation for trust. It is critical for B2B organisations that want to win the trust of partners, employees and potential customers. A B2B organisation’s visual brand is often the first communication an organisation delivers and sets expectations with audiences.


Whether you’re at an event or meeting prospects, it is a company’s visual brand that immediately gives you an indication of what your experience will be. The challenge is to reflect who you are as a company and use a creative visual brand to tell your story. B2B organisations often see how they communicate as almost secondary to their products or innovations but the best products and services in the world can get lost behind a weak and inconsistent graphic design.


A strong and consistent visual brand shapes perception in the eyes of prospects and can give you access to sales opportunities you might not have been considered for. Competitors that communicate who they are effectively can be winning more business and gaining access to larger and more productive accounts. It is that meaningful.


Here are four things that are essential for making a visual brand a success for B2B organisations:


  • Messaging – Your brand messages and values define what you stand for and what you believe in. A successful visual brand captures the essence, identity and purpose of the organisation and portrays it at a glance. Visual brands that align with a B2B organisation’s messaging help streamline the purchasing process for your potential customers.


  • Consistency – Consistent branding lets your prospects know exactly what materials, sites and content belong to you. It ensures that you are telling the same visual story across all your offline and online channels. From someone watching your presentation at a conference to prospects scrolling through your Social Media, they get one consistent branding that guides them through the entire customer journey.


  • Simplicity – A strong visual brand makes it easy for individuals and companies to do business with you. Many B2B tech companies are focused on telling the complicated nuts and bolts of their business which often leaves the visual branding unstructured and difficult to follow. Even if the underlying aspect of your organisation is very complex, you need a visual brand that’s easy to understand and one that tells a simple story to your prospects.


  • Trust – All of these points lead to trust and belief that your brand holds all the characteristics that are valuable to your customers and your company. Whenever you pitch for a new business or look to build new relationships, your prospects look you up and rely on the visual branding to find out if you are professional and trustworthy.



You could have the best product, simplest pricing strategy and the smartest people but if you don’t have good visual branding it won’t matter. You need to invest in simple and effective branding to take your organisation to the next level.


At Ilex Content Strategies, we make it simple to deliver compelling and consistent branding across multiple online and offline marketing channels. We have a track record of taking complex technologies and making them easy for prospects to understand and engage with.


When you deliver a strong visual brand, new and existing customers believe in your business and trust you to support them every step of the way.


To find out how you can develop and maintain a consistent visual brand and benefit from new sales opportunities from your prospects, please get in touch: info(@)Ilexcontent.com

Posted on 28th March 2018 in Branded Content, Building Trust with B2B Content, Messaging For B2B Brands, Technology Content

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