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Meet Ilex at Capacity Europe

Our Director, Matthew Whalley will be attending Capacity Europe in London from the 24th – 26th October. He is booking meetings to discuss marketing, PR and content for carriers, Cloud service providers and tech innovators around the world. Ilex can help you to drive sales growth, engage new target audiences and capture new leads.  …

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Driving Business Growth with a Channel Marketing Strategy

The channel partner model is a great way for service providers to sell. It allows them to focus on developing the product or service while the partners manage the sales and customer relations. For this model to work well, it’s up to the players at the top to provide the right marketing support down the…

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Make email campaigns work for your B2B organisation with 5 simple steps

As consumers, we receive a lot of emails every day, many of which we often disregard. If done correctly, newsletters offer an effective way to get your message across and encourage a call to action (CTA) from readers, for both B2B and B2C organisations.   As a well-established medium, emailers provide a cost-effective, targeted and…

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Team GB: Building an Olympic Brand that Drives Sales

There is no doubt that having a strong brand attracts success, and that successful brands have no problem attracting lucrative sponsorship; just take a look at Team GB.   While other Olympic teams are referred to by nation such as the Canadian Olympic Team, or Italian Olympic Team, Great Britain and Northern Ireland’s Olympic team…

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6 Steps To Create Blog Content Your Audience Actually Wants To Read

Creating quality content that your audience actually wants to read is no small feat. As marketing platform noise increases, how can you engage mass audiences with simple blog content?   Blog content must convey simplicity, focus and drive. Effective blogs can remain relevant for years after publishing, so what’s the key?   Follow these 6…

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