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B2B Organisations Need Better Visual Brands

A visual brand is a foundation for trust. It is critical for B2B organisations that want to win the trust of partners, employees and potential customers. A B2B organisation’s visual brand is often the first communication an organisation delivers and sets expectations with audiences.   Whether you’re at an event or meeting prospects, it is…

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What the IT and Tech Industry Can Learn from Intel’s Marketing Campaign

This week Intel kick-started its new integrated marketing campaign for Intel-powered PCs. It is common knowledge that marketing IT and technology products, especially operating software, is not always the easiest. When selling to consumers, unlike in B2B, marketing the fact that a PCs internal processor has a turbo of up to 3.6 GHz/3.4 GHz will…

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Making Marketing Work for Sales Teams

In the economic climate the key thing for any business is its bottom line. Sales become increasingly important when there is less money to go around. As well as a great product you also need a crack sales team if you are going to survive. But even then, the sales team will only be as…

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