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B2B Social Media:
Getting Started Fast

Social Media can be one of the fastest and most efficient ways for B2B brands to drive awareness and target leads. Using Social Media for marketing isn’t new but B2B organisations tend to be late adopters. Senior management teams see it as something for entertainment rather than a place to cultivate and qualify leads. It…

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Targeting a New Era of Digital Consumers

With every aspect of life integrated with digital devices, it is key for advertisers to understand how audiences consume media through different channels. It is not enough for them to just know who the target audience are. Advertising has undergone a huge change and traditional working practices have been transformed. It can no longer be…

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How KLM Is Servicing Its Social Media with Artificial intelligence

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is critical to upholding a brand’s reputation; an unhappy customer can be lost to a competitor or can create negative reviews. It is therefore important that if a customer needs to contact your company they have multiple options for doing so. All customers are different and prefer communication via different means.…

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5 Things to Learn from Southern Rail’s Twitter Fail

Southern Rail’s ill thought out Social Media campaign, ‘Let’s Strike Back’, that launched today is yet another example of how consumer brands fail to learn lessons from previous PR disasters. By putting themselves in a position where they have no control over what already disgruntled customers might possibly say, Southern Rail shows itself as both…

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