Content Needs to Be Part of Your Internal Comms

Most content marketing strategies almost only focus on external communications. Yet, it can be just as efficient and effective to communicate internally.


Organisations that are taking pioneering steps within their business often want to communicate their innovation outwardly to the audience. In doing so, they may overlook the potential of internal communications as part of their overall strategy. There’s a massive opportunity for businesses to use their external marketing as part of their internal comms plan with multipurpose and multifunctioning content.


It’s important to have ongoing communications with your employees that highlight your company’s innovation and business values. Internal comms should create momentum and continually engage with employees. Businesses can communicate their brand, vision and products while successfully educating employees on their business culture.


By developing and delivering multipurpose and multichannel content you can create both inward and outward communications that builds an image of your organisation and makes employees proud to be part of your business culture and strategy.


With the development of online training courses and internal blogs and emailers, businesses can create momentum and content that directly communicates and continually engages with employees.


Here are 4 examples of internal communications:


Training Modules: Training can be used to portray an image of the company and ensure employees know your vision and story. From C-level executives, through to the sales team and HR, training modules that include key messaging with interactive quizzes can be used to learn and engage the entire company


Internal Blogs: Internal blogs can be used to communicate and engage your workforce. With an authentic, yet on-brand tone they can be tied to company promotions, events and news


Emailers: Developing and distributing engaging emailers helps to build an image of the company with informing communications that keeps employees up-to-date with any company news or changes


CEO Statements: CEO statements highlight expertise and can position your business as a go-to company for blue-sky thinking. It enables your team to reflect on what they’ve achieved in the past year and provide a roadmap for where the company will be going in the future


Training Videos: Videos can be used to demonstrate your products and introduce new concepts and company procedures. They offer an efficient and effective way to communicate to your whole global team.


Organisations should work internally to build a foundation for ongoing communications that engages and educates their employees. We’ve seen this work really well with our clients when content is created for multiple purposes. At Ilex, we create a whole suite of internal communications for our clients. We develop training documents, internal blogs, emailers and statements that support your internal communications.


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