How to Select the Best Tech and Telecoms Content Marketing Agency

Marketing complex tech and telecoms products and services can be hard and heavily time-intensive. The easiest way to produce quality content that accurately portrays your business at a down to earth level is by employing an external experienced content marketing agency that can cut through the jargon to reveal the kernel of your story.


It is critical that you choose the right agency for your business. Selecting the first content marketing agency at the top of the google search is not the most effective way. As well as the ‘chemistry’ being right for a successful working relationship, other things must also be considered. This should not be a rushed decision and should follow a clear process. Ideally select the main objectives you would like them to deliver at the very start and use these as a check-list.


From our experience as a tech and telecoms content marketing agency, we see five main outputs that a great agency should deliver:


  1. Efficiency – You should find a marketing agency that is efficient and resourceful. It should do everything within its power to deliver results for you, with your best interests at the heart.


  1. Quality – It should deliver sound quality pieces of work that truly mirror your business needs and goes above and beyond your expectations.


  1. Speed – The quality of work must also be accompanied by fast delivery times. A results-driven agency will execute and deliver promptly. Protracted wait times for pieces of content can be frustrating, especially when deploying a new product or service.


  1. Accountability – You need an agency that you can trust to deliver. An honest agency with integrity will offer accountability.


  1. Purpose – When reading a potential agency’s website, examine its values and why it produces content. It should truly see why content marketing is important and put this at the centre of its work.


A content marketing agency that can deliver these five outputs will be the best at helping you drive the results needed for achieving your marketing objectives.

Ilex has worked with many tech and telecoms companies across the world, helping them to create the multiple touch points they need to influence their audiences and sell more services.


If you’d like to learn more about our approach to producing quality pieces of content and how we can help you, please get in touch: matthew (AT)



Posted on 23rd September 2016 in Content Marketing Agency

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