i3forum Selects Ilex Content Strategies to Deliver Global Content Marketing and Communications

The global telecoms industry body has chosen Ilex to support its next phase of growth as it expands its scope to address IoT, NFV, UC, Fraud and other technologies and challenges


LONDON, UK – 13 September 2017 – Ilex Content Strategies, a global content marketing and communications agency, has been selected by i3forum, a global industry body focused on telecoms transformation, to support its growth, awareness and engagement globally. Ilex Content Strategies specialises in developing strategic content for tech and telecoms companies globally and will be focused on Social Media, Public Relations and growing i3forum’s overall content footprint.


Ilex is responsible for creating new momentum around the organisation while driving awareness of the work i3forum is doing beyond its traditional focus on TDM to IP migration in networking. i3forum brings together organisations across the telecom’s ecosystem to support Digital Transformation and streamline the adoption of new technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), Network Function Virtualisation (NFV), Unified Communications (UC) and Voice Fraud as well as other technologies and challenges.


“It is a critical time of transformation for service providers and we have been asked by the industry to broaden our scope and explore new ways to support them,” said Philippe Millet, Chairman at i3forum. “We selected Ilex because of its track record of supporting both small and large organisations around the world. Many of our members are Ilex clients and they understand our organisation and most importantly our purpose. Together, we can collaborate to support the long-term success of the service provider community.”


i3forum was established in 2007 and its members have a combined fixed and mobile retail base totalling over two billion customers in over 100 countries. i3forum is not a standardisation body itself but works on collaboration with the GSMA and the Wireless Broadband Alliance.


“i3forum is entering a new phase and we believe that communication is critical to supporting innovation. We have been following i3forum since its launch and can see the potential for it to have a positive impact on the development of a whole range of industry innovations. There has never been a more exciting time in the telecoms industry and we’re proud to be working with an organisation with such a positive mission.” Matthew Whalley, Director and Co-founder at Ilex Content Strategies.


Ilex Content Strategies serves clients in Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas. It has been successful in combining technical and industry knowledge with creativity and an editorial approach to give its clients touchpoints for sales and influencing their audiences. The company has produced content that has appeared in the New York Times, the International Herald Tribune, Reuters, Dar Spiegel, The Times of London, The Economic Times of India, the Singapore Business Review, The Straits Times as well as many others.


About Ilex Content Strategies

Ilex Content Strategies is a full-service content marketing agency for tech and telco brands. It combines the right mix of Editorial Content, Public Relations, Social Media and Advertising to accelerate customer growth and help clients meet their business objectives.


Ilex delivers ideas and creative concepts to meet the marketing goals of global brands and local organisations within the tech and telecoms industry. It puts content creation at the centre of its marketing strategies to drive efficiency, consistency and give organisations multiple touch points with their audiences.




About i3forum

i3forum, established in 2007, is an organisation of the International Telecommunications ecosystem that brings together all stakeholders (International Carriers, Vendors, Enterprise Service Providers etc…) in order to help define best practices, promote and foster adoption of Industry transformation. It encourages innovation and competition.


i3forum is a very specific environment where service providers support each other, even though they also compete with one another. In this world, innovation demands cooperation. i3forum is a not-for-profit, membership funded forum. It is not a standardisation body. It works closely with other Industry organisations, avoiding duplication of work and focusing on actionable practical recommendations and solutions for the international carrier industry.




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