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What Businesses Can Learn from Netflix’s Content Strategy

At Mobile World Congress last week Netflix CEO and co-founder Reed Hastings discussed the company’s vision and strategy for content in 2017. He explained that while accommodating to things like viewing experience is important, it is the creation of meaningful content that will bring businesses to the next level.   Whether we are talking about…

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How to Create Contagious Content

Jonah Berger, a marketing professor at the University of Pennsylvania and bestselling author, published his book “Contagious: Why Things Catch On” in 2013. The book explores what it is that really makes content effective. This question is being asked every day by marketers, how do we truly spread our brand’s story and messages?   Jonah…

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What the IT and Tech Industry Can Learn from Intel’s Marketing Campaign

This week Intel kick-started its new integrated marketing campaign for Intel-powered PCs. It is common knowledge that marketing IT and technology products, especially operating software, is not always the easiest. When selling to consumers, unlike in B2B, marketing the fact that a PCs internal processor has a turbo of up to 3.6 GHz/3.4 GHz will…

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Corporate Magazines: Tesco Proves Offline is Not Dead

Corporate magazines are still one of those most effective ways for brands to effectively tell their story and capture an audience. The digital marketing revolution has overshadowed some of the basics principals of tapping an audience: give people what they want in a format they like.   UK supermarket Tesco’s corporate magazine recently surpassed tabloid newspaper…

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