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3 Tips for Getting Started on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a Social Media platform specifically designed for professionals to connect and discuss all things business. For those within B2B sectors it holds a world of opportunities, the main one being driving growth and profitability through professional networking.   However, it is a common misconception amongst businesses that it is enough for only employees…

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Internship at Ilex Content Strategies

Like many students, after two years studying Marketing at University I was keen to see how everything I had learned could be applied in the real world. When browsing for placement opportunities I came across the Ilex Content internship and it offered exactly what I was looking for.   I have now completed my third…

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Team GB: Building an Olympic Brand that Drives Sales

There is no doubt that having a strong brand attracts success, and that successful brands have no problem attracting lucrative sponsorship; just take a look at Team GB.   While other Olympic teams are referred to by nation such as the Canadian Olympic Team, or Italian Olympic Team, Great Britain and Northern Ireland’s Olympic team…

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Investing in Messaging Pays Off for B2B Brands

Investing time and resource on messaging will pay off in the long run. The benefits of investing in messaging far outweigh the cost of creating content without a strong foundation.  From sales through to public relations and social media, messaging is the cornerstone of communications and owning space in a prospect’s mind.   Your messaging…

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6 Steps To Create Blog Content Your Audience Actually Wants To Read

Creating quality content that your audience actually wants to read is no small feat. As marketing platform noise increases, how can you engage mass audiences with simple blog content?   Blog content must convey simplicity, focus and drive. Effective blogs can remain relevant for years after publishing, so what’s the key?   Follow these 6…

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