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4 Ways to Successfully Communicate Innovation

The urge for businesses to innovate and not get left behind is growing. Companies who are taking pioneering steps within their business are not always recognised for their innovations. To keep up, businesses must communicate change effectively to compete with other players in the market.   Businesses should proactively drive their innovation as this is…

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Ilex’s 4 Year Anniversary: Learning from 4 Years in Global Content Marketing

  We are celebrating four years of delivering quality expertise and efficiency for clients around the world. Our client base has grown to include tech and telecoms companies in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas. We’ve seen a tremendous response to our business model and the content we create.   Co-founder of…

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5 Tips for Making Your Tech Content More Accessible

Technology detail can be complex but marketing content for technology brands has to be simple.   Too often we see brands that want to sell simplicity and communicate with content that is dense and challenging to consume. If you’re going to communicate that your technology, product or user experience is simple then you need to…

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The Boring Truth About Chicken McNuggets

Macdonald’s Canada has produced a video explaining exactly how Chicken McNuggets are made. As a piece of entertainment it is simple, informative and to the point. It is pretty well a “Mr Rogers Visits the Crayon Factory” with less excitement.   As a piece of content, it is a great way for Macdonald’s Canada to…

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