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Optimising Your B2B Online Presence for Mobile

The growing digital landscape has dramatically changed the way we search, interact and consume content. It has put more pressure on B2B organisations to evaluate what they look like online and how their materials come across on all digital channels.   By 2019, the use of mobile internet will account for 26% of the global…

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Floating 3D Ads: Taking Advertising into the Future

One piece of technology that lit up CES 2018 was Kino-mo’s 3D visual ads, the Hypervsn™. The UK-based start-up developed its technology that takes video content and displays it in mid-air with a holographic effect. Its Cloud-based platform enables businesses to deploy it at almost any location.   The solution was named among the World’s…

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Targeting a New Era of Digital Consumers

With every aspect of life integrated with digital devices, it is key for advertisers to understand how audiences consume media through different channels. It is not enough for them to just know who the target audience are. Advertising has undergone a huge change and traditional working practices have been transformed. It can no longer be…

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5 Hacker Motivations

In our digitally connected world, the Internet of Things (IoT) and its lack of security are continually hitting headlines around the world. Security attacks and breaches are increasing in complexity and severity, with technology driving different methods of attack, and sophisticated threats rising.   In order to secure the IoT, we must consider what motivates…

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5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Company Blog

With the rise in the digital economy it is becoming increasingly important for companies to create a digital footprint. Tech and telco companies especially, are expected to have a large presence online due to the largely technical aspect of their industry.   Blogging is an easy and cost-efficient way to build multiple touch points with…

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