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4 Ways to Successfully Communicate Innovation

The urge for businesses to innovate and not get left behind is growing. Companies who are taking pioneering steps within their business are not always recognised for their innovations. To keep up, businesses must communicate change effectively to compete with other players in the market.   Businesses should proactively drive their innovation as this is…

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Targeting a New Era of Digital Consumers

With every aspect of life integrated with digital devices, it is key for advertisers to understand how audiences consume media through different channels. It is not enough for them to just know who the target audience are. Advertising has undergone a huge change and traditional working practices have been transformed. It can no longer be…

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Investing in Messaging Pays Off for B2B Brands

Investing time and resource on messaging will pay off in the long run. The benefits of investing in messaging far outweigh the cost of creating content without a strong foundation.  From sales through to public relations and social media, messaging is the cornerstone of communications and owning space in a prospect’s mind.   Your messaging…

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6 Steps To Create Blog Content Your Audience Actually Wants To Read

Creating quality content that your audience actually wants to read is no small feat. As marketing platform noise increases, how can you engage mass audiences with simple blog content?   Blog content must convey simplicity, focus and drive. Effective blogs can remain relevant for years after publishing, so what’s the key?   Follow these 6…

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Technology Content: The Power of Social Media

Technology content has to be simple, especially when communicating on social media platforms. But what is the true power of social media for technology brands?   Using Social Media Marketing (SMM) to engage with current and potential customers is becoming a unique competitive advantage. According to a 2015 report from Social Media Examiner, 69% of…

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