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Meet Ilex At Capacity Europe

Meet Ilex at Capacity Europe to learn more about marketing in the era of disruption. We are meeting with companies at the event and explain how we enable are clients to communicate their transformation strategies and position their businesses in a changing market.   Book a meeting with our Director Matthew Whalley between the 23rd…

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Meet Us at Epsilon Global Fabric London

We are excited to be taking part in Epsilon’s Global Fabric in London on Thursday 20th September 2018 at the Tate Modern.   This event invites industry leaders from across Europe to discuss capturing opportunities in the rapidly changing telecoms market.   Our Director, Matthew Whalley will be hosting a panel at the workshop. He…

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Specialist Agencies Own the Future of B2B Marketing

Specialist tech and telecoms agencies will own the future of B2B marketing and communications. The days of generic tech and telecoms agencies that serve every kind of company with one blanket set of services are over. While generic tech and telecom agencies might be specialists in things like PR or digital marketing, they don’t have…

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Join us at Capacity Middle East 2018

Meet Ilex at Capacity Middle East in Dubai from the 6th March – 8th March to discuss how we use creative content and a simple model to enable B2B Tech and Telecom clients to tell their story and communicate their innovation.   If you trying to grow your business and efficiently add marketing capabilities you…

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Floating 3D Ads: Taking Advertising into the Future

One piece of technology that lit up CES 2018 was Kino-mo’s 3D visual ads, the Hypervsn™. The UK-based start-up developed its technology that takes video content and displays it in mid-air with a holographic effect. Its Cloud-based platform enables businesses to deploy it at almost any location.   The solution was named among the World’s…

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