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Meet Ilex at Mobile World Congress

Ilex Content Strategies will be at Mobile World Congress again this year and it would be great to meet you. We’re excited to talk about #IntelligentConnectivity as high-speed 5G networks, the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and big data all become a reality. The challenge will be for mobile network operators and carriers…

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Employees are a Potential Weak Link for IoT Security

When security breaches make the headlines, they usually concern malicious hackers or cyber criminals targeting critical data. The reality is, human error is a major factor in security and data breaches. No matter the size or scope of a breach, it is usually linked to an action or failure of someone within the company.  …

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Breaching the Security of Connected Devices – In the News

More and more devices are being connected to the internet every single day. But with these devices, security is often an afterthought and the outcome of these insecure devices can be very costly for companies and customers alike.   We are seeing an increasing number of IoT devices that are being exposed to vulnerabilities as insufficiently secure devices…

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5 Hacker Motivations

In our digitally connected world, the Internet of Things (IoT) and its lack of security are continually hitting headlines around the world. Security attacks and breaches are increasing in complexity and severity, with technology driving different methods of attack, and sophisticated threats rising.   In order to secure the IoT, we must consider what motivates…

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5 Unmissable Panels at PTC’17

Pacific Telecommunications Council 2017 (PTC’17) conference kicks off on January 15 in Honolulu, Hawaii. It brings together leading executives, thinkers and innovations in the internal telecoms market.   The theme this year will be focused on “Changing Realities” and will explore the changing realities of business, customer demands, the global economy, and the global regulatory…

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