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B2B Organisations Need Better Visual Brands

A visual brand is a foundation for trust. It is critical for B2B organisations that want to win the trust of partners, employees and potential customers. A B2B organisation’s visual brand is often the first communication an organisation delivers and sets expectations with audiences.   Whether you’re at an event or meeting prospects, it is…

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5 Tips for Marketers to Make International Telecoms Week a Success

International Telecoms Week (ITW), the leading wholesale telecommunications event is just around the corner. Like every year, it will be here faster than you think.   The key to having a successful ITW is getting started early and moving quickly to put a plan together. ITW brings together nearly 7,000 telecoms executives from across the…

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Mobile World Congress 2018: Is Mobile Creating a Better Future?

The theme for this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) is “Creating a Better Future”. It is an interesting choice considering last year’s theme was “The Next Element” and 2016’s was “Mobile is Everything”.   It is almost like MWC is refocusing on a positive story and anticipating a backlash against always-on, automated and an Artificial…

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Getting the Most Out of Speaking on Panels

One of the most overlooked aspects of event marketing is preparing executives for panels. Executives are often left to prep themselves without input from the marketing team. They go up on stage and do their best.   Sometimes that has excellent results but other times it leads to a wasted opportunity to directly communicate with…

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