The Christmas Ad: Targeting Audiences with Compelling Christmas Content

Christmas advertisements have become an annual event that audiences seek out on TV, search for online and share across Social Media. These adverts have evolved to become integrated campaigns that include Social Media and merchandise and are real moments in the retailer’s year.


The annual John Lewis Christmas campaign made the emotive, narrative-driven approach of Christmas advertisements popular in the UK, despite brands like Coca-Cola having established adverts that signalled the beginning of the festive season. These adverts have established a successful formula that can be replicated every year. They prove that great content provides mileage and gets their brand in front of people who otherwise may not be exposed to it.


Traditional advertising methods have undergone a huge change. Whereas Coca-Cola was able to change Santa’s costume from green to red by way of a Christmas advert, the standalone ad is now just one part of the Christmas marketing apparatus. Integrated advertising campaigns are essential and Christmas adverts are a great example of this.


Christmas retail ads are based on a piece of storytelling content that have become an institution in themselves. In the run up to Christmas, the adverts are shared across Social Media and engaged with by the audience. Yet, it’s great quality content that creates the conversation.



John Lewis unveiled its annual Christmas advert in November. It’s focused on a boy who befriends Moz, a monster that lives under his bed. The advert brings Moz to life through a number of different ways as part of the campaign. As in previous years, included in the campaign is an array of merchandise including an accompanying children’s picture book, Moz toys and mugs.


Year-on-year brands are increasingly wanting to impress customers with their Christmas advert content and Social Media is fast becoming part of the experience. It has played a key role in heightening the impact of retailers adverts with hashtags that boost audience engagement.


Data from Social Media monitoring company Brandwatch shows there were 2,906 mentions of the 2017 “Moz the Monster” John Lewis Christmas advert on Social Media between 7 and 8am, after it was released at 7.40am.


The Christmas advertisement successfully draws in the audience with a story that is compelling and reflects the values of the brand. It’s the compelling content that is at the centre of the adverts popularity.


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Posted on 8th December 2017 in Blog Content

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