What Businesses Can Learn from Netflix’s Content Strategy

At Mobile World Congress last week Netflix CEO and co-founder Reed Hastings discussed the company’s vision and strategy for content in 2017. He explained that while accommodating to things like viewing experience is important, it is the creation of meaningful content that will bring businesses to the next level.


Whether we are talking about content in terms of consumer video, comic books or B2B sales materials, the principle is the same. No matter what industry vertical your business operates in, we are all now competing in a world that is “less about the screen size” and all about the story.


At Ilex Content Strategies we agree with this mindset and approach. Businesses should be crafting stories that serve a purpose and encourage engagement amongst their audiences. We believe that content is evergreen and will always be focused on delivering stories that last.


To learn more about our philosophy and approach to content, please contact info (@) ilexcontent.com. Alternatively, share your thoughts in the comments below.


Posted on 6th March 2017 in Uncategorised

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