What Impact Does the Way You Process Data Have on Your Sales and Marketing Materials?

Scientists have discovered that when we consume large quantities of data our brain creates shortcuts to fine pick the most important information. In most cases it will typically focus on 3-4 key pieces and these are what will unconsciously drive our decision making.


This is great for us as consumers because it saves us time and effort sifting through data that may or may not be significant. Our brain decides this for us in a matter of seconds. However, what does this mean for organisations trying to sell and market their products and services?


It is no secret that using data and analytics are great ways to prove an organisations reliability and success. What these findings about our decision making process tells us is that in order to target customers effectively a message must be clear and punchy. Otherwise companies run the risk of potential customers focusing on less desirable areas. Every business should be in complete control of their own brand narrative and story.


It also demonstrates the importance of keeping all sales materials clean, crisp and to the point. Any pieces of content with lots of data can swamp customers and will only increase confusion and decrease engagement. Even if you are really excited about all the data you have found from a recent survey or analysis, be selective.


To choose the right areas of data to focus on think about what story you are trying to tell with it. You yourself must first understand the data before trying to convince your customers with it. If you are unsure of what the data shows, then do not use it. You should only choose bitesize chunks of data that are easy to understand and truly contribute to what you are trying to say. Remember you can always make use of the remaining data later on.


The brain is extremely powerful and exerts itself onto customer decision making behind the scenes. By understanding the way our brains process data and adjusting your organisations marketing and sales materials accordingly, you will be able to monetise your services faster and more efficiently.


At Ilex Content Strategies we carefully combine data with core messages to create stories that last for our clients. We craft a mix of sales materials that influence customer decision making and drive new sales leads. If you would like to learn more about what we can do for you please contact info (@) ilexcontent.com.



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