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We make it simple for B2B tech and telecoms companies to communicate innovation and grow their businesses. Offline or online, we put content first to make marketing efficient & effective.



Brand Messaging & Strategy

Set a strategy, refine your messages, define a narrative, and deliver a story that matters to your audience

Inbound Marketing

Drive Inbound leads and maximise the potential of marketing with a cohosive approach

Social Media

Amplify your message, distribute to the widest possible audience and build community across LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and beyond

Media & Analyst Relations

Define and deliver your story to global media and ensure that your press releases, media pitches and press packs are meeting the needs of the media

Video & Design

Illustrate your point and influence your audience with video, presentations, fact sheets, case studies, web and user interface design


Learn best practice with bespoke sessions covering content strategy, social media, and media training




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— Morihei Ueshiba —

Our Approach

We use compelling content to give tech and telecoms businesses the multiple touch points they need to reach their audiences and get results


At Ilex, we focus on delivering stories that last. We see content as something that is evergreen. That is why we chose the name. Quercus ilex or a Mediterranean Oak has been recognised for centuries as a symbol strength, resilience and staying power.

We Believe
  • A single success in content isn’t as powerful as consistent execution
  • Content feeds on-going successes within our client’s organisation
  • Consistent, cohesive and compelling content shapes perception and drives sales
  • Global technology and telecoms brands and local organisations can use content to support their marketing ambitions today and into the future


Ilex Content Strategies creates integrated marketing campaigns for global technology and telecoms companies. It puts content creation at the centre of its marketing strategies to drive efficiency, consistency and give international organisations multiple touch points with their audiences.

We Offer
  • The tech and telecoms expertise, ideas and creative concepts to meet the marketing objectives of global brands and local organisations
  • The sector experience and industry knowledge to make the process of creating content simple and effective
  • Offline and online content that is there to meet specific needs in our clients’ organisation
  • High-quality content, simply and effectively with a logical and strategic approach


Everything we do is strategic. Ilex is not tied to a single tactic or one way of meeting an objective. We look at the challenges our clients have then create a strategy for getting the results they need. As we don’t need to sell a tactic, we are free to explore the best possible solutions for our clients.

We Deliver
  • Strategic counsel to our clients that is practical and efficient
  • The best mix of solutions for getting the results we want
  • Content that has meaning and is there to meet specific objectives
  • A flexible approach that meets the needs of our international clients in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas


What our Clients are saying

  • Ilex helped us to mine the great stories we have in our business then package them up & deliver them to our target audience. Ilex’s strategic approach meant that the media relations campaign led directly to sales calls & that’s the kind of results we wanted. They have the industry knowledge & communications experience to say clearly what they are going to do then deliver it.

    — Chadwick Kinlay, Director, Marketing & Communications, Epsilon —
  • Ilex immediately understood our business and proved it can help us to execute on our vision. As we grow, we didn’t want just an agency. We wanted to work with a partner that knows our industry and how to communicate to our target customers. Ilex makes it simple and efficient for us to grow our marketing presence and we look forward to working with the team.

    — Cengiz Oztelcan, CEO, Linxa —
  • Ilex kept the process of creating the whitepaper simple, focused and productive. They created high-quality content with a depth of industry understanding and willingness to flex to meet our needs. The success of the whitepaper meant that we were able to expand our work with Ilex to cover content for our media outreach. We trust them to deliver.

    — Paul Bassa, VP of Product Marketing, DIGITALK —
  • Ilex provides excellent marketing consultancy, strategy and support. Even though I’m based in Brazil, Ilex feels like an extension of my team and I can depend on them to provide insightful marketing recommendations and execute at the highest level.

    — Wagner Rapchan, CEO & Founder, Netell Telecom —
  • Ilex was able to take our story, develop it & deliver quality editorial content that clearly explained our proposition. The team matched our tone while helping us to meet our strategic objectives. It is great working with Ilex & we value their insight & expertise.

    — Neil Templeton, VP, Strategic Marketing, PCCW Global —
  • Ilex has helped us to define our story and use it to accelerate our growth. As an Artificial Intelligence Start-Up, we’ve been challenged to tell a global story that is accessible to different audiences. The team at Ilex understands our technology as well as our sales objectives and has been able to develop strategic and sustainable campaigns that get results. When I’m out at events people know our business before even meeting us in person and that’s a big advantage.

    — Tom Nutley, Head of Operations, Stage Intelligence —
  • Ilex helped us to lock in our partner story and developed content that we are using to grow our channel relationships. They understand the entire value chain and what it takes to be successful when marketing to partners. Having completed our initial project, we look forward to working with Ilex as we put our partner strategy into action.

    — Paul Dobbs, Channel Director, Habour Solutions —
  • I like working with Ilex Content because they understand tech and telecoms and can translate that into creative ideas that get results. They explain really complex concepts in very simple and meaningful stories. In the many years that I’ve worked with Ilex, they have executed at an extremely high level and delivered PR and content that supports business development and new growth.

    — Andreas Hipp, CEO & Co-Founder, Cataleya —
  • Ilex successfully delivered 9 interactive training workshops for Media Trust, including building online communities and writing for the web. They are professional and extremely responsive, getting to grips with our training briefs and creatively translating them into quality, interactive and engaging workshops. Their expertise in marketing and digital communications is evident and their approach is accessible and adaptable to all levels.

    — Jenny Walton, Training and Development Manager, Media Trust —
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  • We selected Ilex because of its track record of supporting both small and large organisations around the world. Many of our members are Ilex clients and they understand our organisation and most importantly our purpose. Together, we can collaborate to support the long-term success of the service provider community.

    — Philippe Millet, Chairman, i3forum —


Combined experience that has been serving the unique needs of local clients and global brands for more than 25 years


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Director & Co-Founder

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A few of the clients we’ve worked with so far

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Ensure your audience and prospects know who you are & what you offer before the sales team even picks up the phone. Ilex gives organisations a new voice with strategic content.
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