Ilex is a Finalist in the Digiday Marketing Awards

Ilex is excited to announce that we’re Finalists in The Digiday Marketing and Advertising Awards Europe. We’re up for the “Best Branding B2B Campaign” award for our work with Stage Intelligence, an amazing Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform.


It is great to be recognised for our work in B2B marketing and to share Stage’s success with a wider audience. We’re extremely proud of our team here and believe we are delivering award-winning marketing and communications every day and across the globe.


Together with Stage Intelligence, we have helped it to grow from a local start-up to a global innovator in AI and capture new business across the globe. We have worked in partnership with Stage to find the most cost-efficient way to capture leads worldwide while driving awareness and trust.


Stage has a really unique and interesting approach to AI and we looked at how we could communicate innovation while also making it accessible to non-techie people in the transportation industry. The challenge was to simplify a complex technology and explain the value it can deliver with a really simple story.


It has been an exciting challenge and journey with Stage. We began by developing a consistent visual brand. We created a product logo, recognisable branding and a set of core messages and brand narrative. That was the foundation for all other marketing and communications activities.


We then developed consistent Editorial Content to create a cohesive narrative that communicates who Stage is and what it can do for its customers. Through blogs, Social Media, newsletters, whitepapers, bylines, press releases and CEO statements, we’ve created an entire content ecosystem that tells Stage’s story and enables it to be discovered across multiple platforms.


Each touchpoint supports sales and educates our audiences about Stage. At the same time, it positions Stage in the right conversations and gives them a jumping off point for talking to customers. The response has been excellent. With each press release, the sales team receives several inbound phone calls enquiring about Stage’s solutions while thought leadership presentations directly engage audiences at events.


The results have been global leads that have translated directly into revenue growth as well as a pipeline of productive conversations that will support long-term profitability. Stage has benefited from our position as a boutique content-driven agency with a global scope.


Over the years we have had success, doing PR in Africa, local marketing campaigns in the Middle East, setting agendas for events in India and the US while engaging with decision makers across the globe. We’ve been able to remove the limits on small but rapidly growing global businesses.


We’d like to thank Stage for being an excellent partner and believing in our ideas as well as Digiday for recognising the value of our work in the B2B space.


We can’t wait for the winners to be announced in November!


Please get in touch, if you’d like to learn more about how we can accelerate growth in your business:

Posted on 7th August 2018 in Awards, Best Branding B2B Campaign

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