5 Tips for Marketers to Make International Telecoms Week a Success

International Telecoms Week (ITW), the leading wholesale telecommunications event is just around the corner. Like every year, it will be here faster than you think.


The key to having a successful ITW is getting started early and moving quickly to put a plan together. ITW brings together nearly 7,000 telecoms executives from across the globe and gives marketing teams an opportunity to reach more people than any event in Carrier business.


It’s a powerful tool for driving momentum that can boost sales throughout the year. If you don’t have a plan in place, you won’t maximise the potential of the event for your organisation.


We have been attending ITW since its very beginning and have helped prepare clients for the event over the last few years. We’ve learned a lot about making ITW a success for clients.


Here are a few things marketers should look at before getting on the plane to Chicago:


  1. Lock in Your Story and the Messages You Want to Deliver


At tech and telco events like ITW, the messages you deliver and how you talk about your business matters. Your team will be talking to existing partners and future prospects so it’s critical that everyone is delivering the same messages.


You don’t want your sales team talking about your products in different ways. Especially when it doesn’t line up with your communications at the event or even on your website. It’s important to be delivering strong and consistent messaging points to your audience both offline and online.


At Ilex, we’ve created messaging booklets for entire sales teams, product Battle Cards and Pitch Sheets that enable your team to deliver a consistent, cohesive and compelling story to new and potential customers.


  1. When the meeting is over, what are you leaving behind?


“Leave Behinds” enable you to reinforce the message you just delivered in a meeting and quickly communicate value with your organisation’s key messages and brand design. You want your sales team pitching your business with clean and simple marketing collateral to give to them afterwards. Leave behinds show who you are, what you do and extend your business presence.


At Ilex, we develop brochures, Product Sheets and event collateral to help your team leave a lasting impression with your potential customers and influencers.


  1. Press Releases Drive Momentum


News drives momentum and distributing a press release at ITW will create another touchpoint for delivering your story. You want to appear active and engaged with the Carrier community and news is a great way to demonstrate success. That builds trust and gives your prospects one more reason to choose your business.


We help our clients develop press releases with compelling stories and deliver global media relations at ITW and beyond. Our team helps to identify news within your organisation and mine stories that will drive global coverage. We make it easy to use press releases to stay in front of your clients before, during and after ITW.


  1. Creating Awareness and Driving Engagement with LinkedIn


LinkedIn can be a great tool for targeting customers and creating new touch points with your prospects. With LinkedIn posts, you can define who you are as a business, share your news and ensure everyone knows what you will be discussing at ITW. You can prep your network with your brand’s story before you even meet with them at the event. By using the right content on LinkedIn you can tell a compelling and consistent story throughout the event cycle.


At Ilex we develop LinkedIn campaigns and manage your Twitter, LinkedIn and email campaigns globally.


  1. After ITW Follow-Up Really Matters


When ITW is over, that doesn’t mean your campaign should end. If the sales team has great meetings at ITW, you need follow up and engage with prospects. Content keeps the story going.


At Ilex, we create an entire ecosystem of content that includes Sales Enablement, Thought Leadership, Public Relations and Corporate Communications. We give our clients everything they need to engage prospects consistently with a strong and compelling story. Whether its brochures, blogs or whitepapers and emailers, we help you to efficiently market your company with a creative engine for growth.



Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss your plans for ITW and how we can help. We deliver small projects through to on-going retainers. Each step of the way, we make it simple and easy for you to lock in your story and deliver it to prospects.


We help you to make ITW a success. Get in touch here: info (@) ilexcontent.com


Posted on 15th March 2018 in Content Marketing Agency, Events

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